AR’s acquisitions showcasing all things early American and primitives.


Items seen on this page are the up to date current inventory! Like what you see? If the item is still available, it’s up for grabs. Check back often to see recent acquisitions available for purchase. 

1. 3.5" Butcher block single drawer work table with shallow well inset, gallery backsplash, x brace support, and bottom shelf. 8'L x 30"D x 34.5"H

2. Two board scrub top russet painted turned leg table with dovetailed drawer and cast iron pull. 36”L x 27.5”W x 29”H

3. Primitive concrete mixing trough with one board sides which include the handles and reinforced metal straps. 43"L x 19"W x 13.5"H

4. Lunt poinsettia sterling and enamel ornament. Inscribed 1987 Merry Christmas on back.

5. Lunt sterling silver star ornament with raised and low relief decoration. Incised Happy Holidays and dated 1996 on back. 

6. Lunt sterling silver star ornament with raised relief decoration.  Incised Happy Holdidays and dated 1998 on back.

7. Reed & Barton sterling silver cross ornament with raised relief decoration. Incised 1978 Christmas Cross.

8. Towle sterling silver double sided ornament with raised and low relief embelllishments. Dated 1997

9. Lunt sterling silver "The Music of Christmas" ornament. Heavily engraved  Oberndorf, Austria 1977 souveneir double sided ornament. 

10. Reed & Barton sterling silver cross ornament with raised relief decoration. Incised, Christmas Cross 1986.

11. Lunt sterling silver star ornament with raised and sunken relief decoration. Incised Happy Holidays and dated 1999.

12. Towle sterling silver double sided ornament with raised and low relief embelllishments. Dated 1993

13. Towle sterling silver double sided ornament with raised, low and sunken relief. Dated 1975

14. 19th century Chinese export style "Canton" pattern Dutch china plate, marked P. Regout Maastricht. 

15. 19th century Chinese export style "Pajong" pattern Dutch china plate, marked P. Regout Maastricht.

16. Contemporary hexagonal Japanese plate. 

17. 19th century Chinese export style "Canton" pattern Dutch china plate, marked P. Regout Maastricht.

18. 19th century Ironstone "Indian Tree" platter, marked JM & S.  13"+L

19. 1881 Gildea & Walker company chinoserie plate. 9.5"L

20. 19th century Chinese export style "Pekin" pattern china plate, the Pekin pattern is an example of Chinoinserie style, marked B & H - Beech & Hancock. 10"L

21.. Folk art Native American riverside village campsite. Painted on board with no signature. 15.5”L x 8.25”H

22. Brass Chestnut warmer 

23. White painted picture framed three shelf open back display shelf. Mortised shelves, dovetailed top and slight Moorish arch end caps. 
34”L x 10.5”D x 55.5”H 

24. Dovetailed Ocher blanket chest with mortise and tenon breadboard ends and original wrought iron hardware. 
42”L x 24”D x 25”H

25. Native American dance stick with carved and stylized painting. 24”L

26. Native American blue with black geometric design beaded purse. 

27. Carved wooden  totem pole. 12”H

28. Carved wooden totem pole. 6”H

29. Original painted plaster Indian chief wall mount bust. 4”H

30. Painted ceramic Indian chief wall mount bust. 4”H

31. Complete graduated set of 7 pewter measures. Tallest 8"H and smallest 2"H.

32. Tinware melon shaped mold. 

33. 19th century cast iron lamb cake mold. 13.5"L x 7.5"H 

34. Tinware popcorn popper with star relief. 

35. Wooden hat displays with turned stand.

36. Early painted blanket chest, dovetailed, square nailed, reinforced with metal corners and metal straps, iron handles, and has glove box. 29.5"L x 18"D x 17"H.

37. Footstool with turned mulit color painted legs and woven seat. 13"Square x 5"H

38. Set of two white architectural corbels. 8"L x 12"D x 10"H

39. Set of two white architectural corbels. 8"L x 12"D x 10"H


41. Primitive carpenter's box with metal hardware and homemade chain mend. 26"L x 10"D x 9"H

42. Metal red and white windmill tail. 32"L 

43. Hand painted bread board "Give us this day our daily bread", with eye ring.  7"L x 17.5"H. 

44. White over blue Shaker style tote with cantered sides and dovetailing. 12.5"L x 8.5"W 

45. Canning crock with wood handle and wire bail, missing lid.
9"Dia x 11"H

46. Black painted tin bread box with raised panel lid. 18.5"L x 13"D x 12"H

47. Cast iron salesman sample feeder. 19.75"L x 8"D. 

48. Galvanized bucket with metal bail. 

49.Galvanized bucket with metal bail.

50. Galvanized and metal scoop. 11"L 

51. Primitive tote. 12"L x 8"W

52. Burl veneer storage container with wooden decorative bands. 9"Dia x 9.5"H

53. Early spoon and wall box with lollipop handle, cutout top, eye ring, 16" cross cut board back, and distressed red paint. 16"L x 7.5"D x 24"H.

54. Footed worn blue 15 drawer card file cabinet with breadboard ends, scrub top and raised paneled sides. 44.5"L x 18"D x 25.5"H. 

55. Circa 1900 Chestnut splayed side noodle board with countertop lip.  29"L at widest x 18.5"D x 3"H 

56. 19th century oak splint swing handle basket. 12.5"Dia x 7"H.

57. Late 19th century wood bowl. 10"Dia x 3"Deep.

58. 19th century wood bowl with a molded rim, eye ring and a nice warp. 14.5"Dia x 4.5"Deep


60.  Silvercraft pewter bowl. 10"Dia x 1.25"D 

61. Hockings bag content measure with red stenciling, iron hook and patented 1892 Chicago. 6.5"Dia x 9.5"H 

62. 19th century four tube candle mold. 

63.19th century four tube candle mold.

64.19th century eight tube candle mold.

65. Three brass sleigh bells attached to leather harness 15"L x  bells 2.75"H

66. Homemade child's chair with ocher over green paint and rawhide seat. 

67. Mauve, yellow and green Yo-Yo quilt with a reversible ocher muslin silk geometrical design. 92"L x 72"W

68. 20th century wood bowl with a molded rim. 14.5"Dia x 4"Deep

69. Rare 1700's hand forged fireplace grill with mortised iron bars. 21.5"L with handle x 12.5"Square x 3.25"H.

70. 1700's hand forged fireplace hook trammel. Museum number on back. Used for cooking in fireplaces. This one is unusual in that it has incised x and square design on front. Shows appropriate use for age. 18"H up to 25.5"H.

71. Art Noveau bronze coated mirror, woman holding beveled and swivel mirror. 16"H x 8"W mirror. 

72. Early 20th century wood bowl with large molded rim and a very good warp. 14"Dia x 4"Deep

73. Early 1800's homemade dough box with original robin's egg blue paint,  square nailed and splayed legs. 23.5"L x 20"D x 32"H.

74. Melon baset. 11"L x 10"W 

75. Early Oak splint gathering basket with a wooden hand grip handle. 14.5"L x 10.5"W

76. Turn of the 20th century wooden accordion footed basket with paneled sides. 14"L x 8"W 


78 American Heritage enlarged copies of photographs.

79. American Heritage enlarged copies of photographs.

80. American Heritage enlarged copies of photographs.

81. American Heritage enlarged copies of photographs.

82. American Heritage enlarged copies of photographs.

83. American Heritage enlarged copies of photographs.

84. American Heritage enlarged copies of photographs.

85. Factory made working Mallard decoy with oringal paint and glass eyes.

86. Rubber working Canadian goose decoy with keel. 

87. Rare pale pink and black, twelve patch seven star Amish quilt with pink back with black stitching. 83"L x 73"W 

88. 20th century yellowware brown and white banded mixing bowl, excellent condition. 13"Dia x 6"H

89. Chalkware Bulldog with inscribed saying of front "Nobody loves me". 4.5"H 

90. 1930's Watta Pop display chalk bulldog. 7"H

91. Hunting dog print. 31"L x 23"H

92. "A Faithful Guardian" print with an oak frame. 23"L x 18"W

93. Farm scene print. 20"L x 15.5"W 

94. Wm Adams and Co. ironstone pitcher. 11.5"H. Washbowl not included.

95. Decorative cast iron bookends with rope style base.

96. Eastlake writing desk with a leather top, dovetailed drawer, and decortive turned and splayed legs with a turned stretcher. 35.5"L x 22"D x 29"H.

97. Cast iron short tail Dempster horse windmill weight, circa 1900. 17.5"L x 17" H

98. Cast iron short tail Dempster horse windmill weight with thumbnail chunk on belly underside, circa 1900. 17.5"L x 17"H

99. Tole painted tin matchbox holder.

100. View of Niagra Falls from Prospect Point colorized photo. 12.5"L x 16"H

101. Deer skull with antlers.

102. Deer skull with antlers.


104. General store nail bin, original grey and black paint with four lift top bins and a three board back. 8'2"L x 20"D x 32.5"H.

105. Walnut and burl walnut veneer seven drawer chest of drawers with block front drawer facings, paneled sides, scrolled apron, plinth block style facings, backsplash and early dovetailing. Circa 1820 to 1830. 42"L x 19"D x 41"H.

106. Miscellaneous small tins, sold individually.

107. Three drawer tabletop chest with raised paneled sides and wooden knobs. 15"L x 12.5"D x 16.5"H.

108. Pine glazefront display cabinet with paneled sides, paeneled top, blue interior paint and a scrolled skirt. 3'L x 16.5"D x 57"H.

109. Painted and embossed tin cornice. 8'L x 26"H.

110. Hickory ladder back rocker with woven oak splint seat. 48"H

111. Early swell body copper sailboat with directionals. 33"L" x 53"H

112. Complete croquet set with wooden carrier, mallets and balls.

113. WEK Shorebird. 10.5"H including base.

114. Stevens Shorebird. 8.5"H including base.

115. WEK Shorebird. 10"H including base.

116. WEK shorebird. 8"H including base.

117. WEK shorebird. 8.5"H including base. 

118. WEK bird. 5.5"H including base.

119. Pair of white painted metal adjustable seven light altar candlelabras. Height and arms adjust. 53"H at the lowest. 

120. Tumacacori Mission oil on canvas in a barnwood frame. 23"L x 19"H.

121. Original iron Civil War Sibley stove. Designed to warm a circular Sibley tent plus used as a cooking device with iron hinged door. 29"H x 18"Dia at base. 

122. Enamel fish charger. 18"Dia.

123. Late 1700's hand forged and irons with simple eye ring decorative top. 19"L x 21"H.

124. Splint berry basket with two handles and a demi john bottom. 11"Dia.

125. American Silver butter dome dish, etched floral depiction around dome, finial top, decorative footed base and is missing butter knife.

126. Donald Duck Orange Juice tin. 4"H

127.  Early 1800"s lapped band wood and iron measure with iron handle. 13.5"H x 12"Dia.

128. 1930's to 1940's carnival chalkware dog.

129. 1930's to 1940's carnival chalkware dog.

130. Mixed wood hall table with raised top, turned cherry legs and stretcher base adorned with bric a brac. 43.5"L x 25"D x 28.5"H.

131. Hooded Mahogany cabinet with decorative brackets, molded cornice, mirror backsplash, sunrise and flowers carvings, paneled sides and bracket style feet. 18.5"L x 12"D x 41"H.

132. 1930's to 1940's carnival chalkware dog.

133. 1930's to 1940's carnival chalkware dog.

134. 1930's to 1940's carnival chalkware dog.

135. Walnut side table with turned legs, treen knob and a  single dovetailed drawer. 28"L x 22"D x 30"H.

136. 1930's to 1940's carnival chalkware dog.

137. Bronze coated cast iron Sir Galahad bookends.

138. 1930's to 1940's carnival chalkware dog.

139. 1930's to 1940's carnival chalkware dog.

140. Cast iron toy mule. 

141. Early 20th century wood bowl with molded rim. 10"Dia x 2.5"Deep

142. Parish wood bowl. 13"Dia x 3.5"Deep 

143. Early to mid 19th century wood bowl with finger notch and molded rim. 16.75"Dia x 5"Deep

144. Cast iron toy horse.

145. Shaker butter bucket with button hole bands, red paint, treen handles, chamfered bottom and a 18" one board top with applied handle. 18"Dia x 10"H.

146. Early painted robins egg blue tabletop butter churn, paddle is intact, with cast iron crank and wooden handle. 15"Dia x 17"H.

147. Hand painted metal cat. 3"H.

148. Dovetailed copper candy kettle with rolled rim and hand forged iron handles. 24"Dia x 10.75"Deep

149. Treen rolling pin

150. Factory Mallard hen working decoy with traces of original paint. 

151. Folk Art weathervane depicting a duck hunter in the marsh. Missing all directionals but South. 53"H

152. Cast iron horse drawn cart missing a driver. 4"L x 2"H.

153. Harness mount sleigh bells mounted on wooden display. 14"L x 10"H

154. Tin nesting cannister set with porcelain knobs. 

155. Early washtub with treen handles and original paint. 26"Dia x 17.5"H

156. Ward - Mackey Co. (Pittsburgh) biscuit box with paper labels. 22"L x 14"D x 13.5"H.

157. Pheasant print. 23"L x 16"H

158. 1930's bowl with floral scene. 6"Dia 

159. 1930's Hall’s bowls with black silhouettes.  Largest 9"Dia and smallest 6.5"Dia 

160. 1930's Hall’s nesting set of mixing bowls. Largest 9"Dia

161. Showing unnested

162. 128th  Kentucky Derby Glass 2002.

163. 127th Kentucky Derby Glass 2001

164. 126th Kentucky Derby Glass 2000

165. 133rd Kentucy Derby Glass 2007

166. 129th Kentucky Derby Glass 2003

167. 133rd Kentucy Derby Glass 2007

168. 129th Kentucky Derby Glass 2003

169. Sterling cutlery set

170. Horn spoon with shapeshifter carved handle. 10"H

171. Bronze coated cast iron Scottie dog soap dish. 

172. Decanter with floral etching.

173.. Pressed glass decanter 

174. Pressed glass decanter

175. "Chief of Police" split bodied cast iron dog bookends

176. Early brass school bell with wooden handle. 11"H, bell 7"

177. Texas Centennial ball watcher pitcher. 



180. Early 19th century swing handle basket.

181. 19th century basket with center hand hold 

182. 19th century melon basket.

183. 19th century gathering basket. 

184. 19th century melon basket.

185. Native American potato stamp basket. 10.5"L x 9.5"W x 4.5"H.

186. Early 1800's Cherry side table, dovetailed and chamfered drawer, pegged top, treen knob and  turned legs. 19.75"L x 19"D x 29"H


188. Pine side table with treen knob, dovetailed drawer and block and turn legs. 22"L x 18"D x 29"H.

189.  Walnut and Maple side table with carved leaf and fruit pull, dovetailed drawer and block and turn legs. 23.5"L x 17"D x 28.5"H. 

190. Pair of factory mallard hen and drake with original paint and glass eyes. 

191. Factory mallard hen with glass eyes and residue paint.

192. Residue green and blue painted work table, potential island. Three board top, four chamfered drawer fronts and three doors with slide out drawers and shelves. 62"L x 22"D x 31"H. 

193. Black wash work table with galvanized top, wooden backsplash and six drawers with iron handles. 54"L x 28.5"D x 33.5"H.

194. 1700's hand wrought iron fireplace toaster with wooden handle grip 

195. One piece, apple green stepback cupboard with two over two panel doors and scrolled base. 43.5"L x 20"D x 73"H.

195A. Showing open

196. Early 1800's Sheraton Mahogany drop front butler's desk with pull out arms, two piece, chamfered door interior, paneled door exterior, pegged, molded cornice, treen knobs, three drawer bottom and complete desk insert. 40"L x 22.5"D x 80.5"H.

196A. Showing open

197. Spanish Colonial garden entrance doors with original hand forged wrought iron cotter pinned nails and hardware. 37.5"W both doors together x 3"D x 71.5"H.

197A. Showing backside highlighting cotter pinned nails.

198. Platform cart with iron wheels and brackets.

199. Apple green work table with tapered legs and formica top. 25.5"L x 21"D x 29.5"H. 

200. 1940's white painted kitchen table with scrolled apron and turned legs. 41.5"L x 28.5"D x 30"D.

201. White painted schoolhouse bench. 8'L x 11"D x 13"H.

202. Blue with residue red bench with bootjack ends. 90"L x 11"D x 16"H.

203. Set of four bowback chairs

204. Set of three spindle back chairs

205. Early to mid 1800's partners desk with leather top, heavy turned legs, porcelain knobs and each side has five drawers. 52.5"L x 38.5"W x 29"H.

206. Cast iron and tin match safe with striker.

207. Wall shelf with  decorative pierced and slatted back and a scrolled plank shelf.

208. Red and black painted coffin top chest with dough board edge, metal clasp and complete with  wooden trough inside. 34.5"L x 11"W x 11"H.

209. Early and primitive white over multi colered paint open shelf corner cupboard with incised trim and a painted grey interior. 45"L x 33"D x 53.25"H.

210. Victorian era cast iron boot-scraper with a raised relief base and a decorative scrolled scraper.

211. Early 1800's found in Maine grain painted  and paint decorated border document box. Slight dome top, square nailed, original hardware, and interior is accent decorated with floral paper. 17.75"L x 9"D x 8"H

212. Walnut scrolled side shelf with bowfront top two shelves and  bottom is straight with lipped edge. 17"L x 7"D @ widest x 21.5"H.

213. Brown glaze crock pitcher depicting leaping stag relief, has a very tight 4" hairline crack - shows on inside only

214. Bennington pitcher depicting man and dog hunt scene.

215. Brown glaze relief designed crock pitcher.

216. Green piped in red with a black over blue top, wooden cast

217. Flat top travel trunk with wood runners, metal bands and reinforced corners. 44"L x 21"D x 24"H

218. Handcarved Indian bust relief with carver signature Daren W. Summers and made by I'm Board Productions. 37"L x 14"H

219. 1950's Chimayo sampler. 9.5"L x 10"H 

220. 1910 to 1920 Navajo vegetable died sampler. 9"L x 8"H

221. 1910 to 1920 Navajo four color vegetable died tourist rug. 20"L x 13.5"H

222. 1940's Chimayo tourist rug. 19.5"L x 19"H

223. 1930's Navajo four colors with a spirit line tourist rug. 35"L x 18.5"W

224. Contemporary Native Amercian patriotic beaded purse depicting American Eagle and flag. No bead loss. 6"L x 3"H

225. Skookum Indian doll. 7"H

226. Navajo doll.  8"H

227. Skookum Indian doll. 9.5"H

228. Skookum Indian doll. 9.5"H

229. "A Good Luck Indian" souveneir. Circa 1920. 3"H

230. Turn of the century drawstring beade purse, no bead loss.

231. Turn of the century round beaded purse, no bead loss.

232. Turn of the century beaded purse, no bead loss.

233. Native American unsigned oil on board. 29"L x 24"H

234. Early 1900's Northeastern Native American woven basket with interwoven colors.

235. Early 20th century sewing basket with blue peking beads, blue glass ring and remnants of a tassel.

236. Early 20th century sewing basket embellished with beads and a pink glass ring.

237. Early 20th century sewing basket embellished with peking beads, pink glass ring, coins, and an attached pink tassel.

238. Early 20th century sewing basket embellished with peking beads, brown glass ring, coins and an attached brown tassel.

239. Bear figurines - resin and wood.

240. Bear figurines - glass, resin and ceramic.

241. White wicker and wood doll stroller. 

242. Pyrography depicting lady bust with floral adornments,spoon carved interior medallion and chip carved edging. 17.5”Dia

 243. Lidded 15 gallon UHL crock with wire bail and wooden handles.  Crock lid not original. Good Condition.

244. 1 gallon Salt glaze with cobalt decorated flower  design storage crock with added elements of incised bands. 

245. Salt glaze jug. 

246. Powder horn. 

247. Granger tobacco tin. 

248. Sir Walter Raleigh tobacco tin. Missing lid. 

249. Union Leader tobacco pocket tin.

250. Velvet tobacco tin. Missing lid.

251. Sir Walter Raleigh tobacco tin. Missing lid 

252. George Washington cut plug tobacco tin.

253. Prince Albert tobacco tin, missing lid.

254. Dutch Masters tobacco tin.

255. Early treenware spoon.

256. Early treenware spoon.

257. 86 wooden blocks. Priced individually. 

258. Cutlery or utensil tote 12.25”L 

259. Marshal Field & Company, Chicago hat box.

260. Delman Shoes box.

261. Horn decor display mounted on primitive wooden stand. 8.25”L x 8”H.

262. Hand stitched quilt.

263 “ The Civil War” book by John S. Blay. 

264. Mathew Brady’s illustrated “Civil War” book

265. “Battles and Leaders of the Civil War” book.

266. “The Old West” books 

267. “The Civil War” set of 12 books

268. “Seafarers” set of 7 books

269. Cast iron toy roadster missing a wheel. 

270. Walnut side table with half moon apron and block and turn legs. 41.5"L x 27"W x 24.5"H.

271. Primitive wooden bootjack.

272. Primitive bench with mortised top, sqaure nailes and bootjack ends. 29"L x 10"W x 10"H.

273. Primitive wooden mallet.

274. Wooden mallet with incised bands on mallet. 

275. Primitve mallet with square hammer head.

276. Mid century modern brass studded leather office chair.

277. Mid century modern swivel and rocker leather office chair.

278. Mid century modern brass studded leather office chair.

279. Circa 1800 Sheraton red wash side table with heavily scolloped back, scrolled splayed gallery, treen knob, pegged, dovetailed drawer with chamfered bottom, and a cutout shelf. 19.5"L x 16"W x 35"H.

280. Wooden rolling shoe factory multi tiered cart with metal rollers and metal identification clips. 21.5"L x 12"W x 45.5"H w/o wooden upright handle.


282.  Primitive canning crock bench with three tiers and 17" one board sides. 29"L x 17"W x 31"H.

283. Grey dry sink with zinc lined trough, zinc platform work top and a wooden storage shelf. 42.5"L x 20.5"W x 30"H.

284. Early 1800's original painted sea green dry sink with a square nailed scrub platform work top and trough showcasing a tin corner mend, dovetailed apron and dovetailed drawer, chamfered doors, original treen knob, original decorative iron clasp, squared off end caps and bracket style feet. 42.5"L x 20"D x 33"H.

284A. Same

285. Longhorn hat rack with brass stud decoration. 4' from tip to tip. 

286. Mounted ram horns.

287. Dated 1836 powder horn with wooden plug.

288. Powder horn with etched rabbit and wooden plug.

289. Powder horn with etched fox and wooden plug.

290. Bread board with eye ring.

291. Early cheese or meat board with mend and a circular groove around edge that channels out through the handle. 18.5"L x 24"H. 

291A. Showing square nailed mend.

292. Primitive footstool. 

293. Primitive berry bucket with metal bands. 6"H x 7"Dia.

294. Contmemporary coffin top trunk with hand holds and Chesapeake Bay Gunning Box painted on front. 23"L x 9"D x 11"H.

294A. Showing open with tray insert.

295. Art Deco horseshoe clock.

296. Bull and Matador electric clock. 

297. Painted cast iron Clydesdale horse drawn wagon.

298. Billie Creek Village Rockville, Indiana cane.

299. Chip and spiral carved cane. 

300. Painted metal sap bucket.

301. Painted metal sap bucket.

302. Painted metal sap bucket.

303. Painted metal sap bucket.

304. Painted metal sap bucket.

305. Painted metal sap bucket.

306. Painted metal sap bucket.

307. Painted metal sap bucket.

308. Painted metal sap bucket.

309. Painted metal sap bucket.

310. Water bucket with metal bands, wire bail and wood handle. 9.5"Dia x 9.5"H.

311. 19th century preserve bucket with wire bail, wooden handle and original paper label.

312. Zinc lined wooden bushel bucket with wrought iron heart shaped handels, metal bands and a deep incised double marking of bushel on front. 19.5"Dia x 10"H.

313. Brown enamel pan.

314. Brown emanel with blue interior pot.

315. Black enamel pot.

316. Brown enamel pot with white interior.

317. Brown enamel pot. 

318. Brown enamel pot.

319. Brown enamel pot.

320. Early wooden painted game wheel with blue, ocher and black painted numbers, wire spokes and  mounted on an upright wooden frame. In working conditon. 26"Dia.

321. Homemade blue and white wall cabinet with wooden toggle and porcelain knob. 25"L x 9.5"D x 16"H.

321A. Showing open

322. Primitive butter paddle.

323. Primitive butter paddle.

324. Primitive butter paddle.

325. Primitive butter paddle.

326. Primitive butter paddle.

327. Primitive butter paddle.

328. Primitive butter paddle with eye ring.

329. Primitive butter paddle with eye ring.

330. Primitive butter paddle.

331. Primitive cone shaped rice masher.

332. Primitive butter paddle.

333. Primitive cone shaped rice masher.

334. Primitive masher.

335. Primitive masher with residue red paint.

336.Primitive treen pin.

337. Hand painted stylized tortoise shell frame with no glass and farm scene print that has a tear. 24"L x 17"H

338.  Scolloped frame with inlaid Mother of Pearl decoration and intact glass. 25"L x 20"H.

339. Oil on canvas. 14"L x 18"H.

340. "Appeal to the Spirit"  in an Art Deco frame. 10"L x 13"H

341. Contemporary Native American basket. 

342. Contemporary Native American basket.

343. Contemporary Native American basket.

344. Contemporary Native American basket.

345. Chalkware Indian Chief wall plaque.  9"L x 10"H

346. Chalkware Indian Chief wall plaque. 9"L x 10"H

347. Chalkware Indian Chief wall plaque. 15"L x 15"H

348. Chalkware Indian Chief wall plaque. 15"L x 15"H

349. Complete oxen yoke with original hand forged iron. 46"L

350. Black painted tinware boiler with wooden handles

351. Tinware pot with lid.

352. Tinware double bread mold

353. Tinware single bread mold

354. Tinware double bread mold

355. Tinware tea tin.

356. Tinware star cookie mold

357. Tinware cookie mold

358. Tinware melon shaped mold

359. Tinware melon shaped mold

360. Tinware storage cannister.

361. Tinware square bundt pan.

362. Tinware pail.

363. Tinware pail.

364. Tinware coffee tin.

365. Tinware tea tin.

366. Cocoa tin

367. 1941 tinware US Kreamer.

368. Early Americana tinware wick lamp.

369. Tinware sifter

370. Tinware candy scoop

371. Tinware funnel.

372. Tinware round bundt pan.

373. Tinware muffin pan

374. Tinware muffin pan

375. Tinware muffin pan

376. Tinware grater

377. Tinware canning untensil.

378. Tinware laddle

379. Tinware grater.

380. Tinware mold

381. Tinware mold

382. Tinware bowl.

383. Tinware fluted custard bowl.

384. Tinware mold

385. Tinware mold

386. Tinware mold

387. Tinware mold

388. Tinware sifter

389. Tinware

390. Bread knife

391. Tinware

392. Tinware cup

393. Tinware biscuit cutter.

394. Tinware cookie cutter.

395. Tinware

396. Tinware

397. Tinware cannister.

398. Tinware

399. Tinware cannister.

400. Tinware sifter.

401. Tinware muffin pan

402. Tinware

403. Tinware

404. Tinware grater

405. Tinware napkin holder.

406. Tinware egg seperator.

407. Tinware bowl.

408. Tinware funnel.

409. Tinware funnel.

 410. Primitive beadboard and plank side open shelf cupboard with half moon base cutout. 29.5”L x 11.5”D x 61.75”H

411. Metal footlocker with brown piped in black paint and wallpaper interior. 30"L x 16"D x 12.5"H.

411A. Showing open

412. Mustard painted tote with metal handle and half moon splayed feet. 33.5"L x 12"D x 14"H.

413. Blue grey bench with bracket supports and bootjack ends. 4'L x 17"D x 21"H.

414. J. & P. Coats dual general store lift top desk and spool cabinet with cotter pinned decorative copper knobs, six drawers, paneled sideds, ink well and pencil holder, incised three band trim around base and painted J. & P. Coats advertisement on back. 33"L x 23"D x 15"H.

415. Possum belly baker's table with zinc top, yellow paint and a dough board. 42"L x 28.5"D x 30"H.

416. 1850's set of 6 painted Pennsylvania Dutch chairs with bootjack splat and plank bottoms. Showing 3 of 6.

416A. Showing other 3 of 6.

417. Chinese model of a fishing boat with a blunt bow, raised stern, fully decked including harpoons, mast, and painted black, white, red and green with oculi at the bows. 45"L x 15"D.

418. Set of four twisted iron ice cream parlor chairs.

419. Double sided inlaid gameboard. 18.5"L x 17.5"H.

420. Single sided inlaid gameboard. 17.5"L x 17.5"H

421. Navajo eye dazzler rug, made by Darlane Begay, circa 1960 and still has the genuine Navajo rug tag. 

422. Two Grey Hills Navajo rug, circa 1950.

423. Two Grey Hills Navajo rug, circa 1960. 

424. 19th century laundry basket.

425. Prehistoric Anasazi bowl, 1150 AD, some restoration, finger indentations still present, found by archaeologist Gillispie.

426. Prehistoric Anasazi pitcher, 1150 AD, some restoration, found by archaeologist Gillispie.

427. Prehistoric Anasazi drinking vessel, 1150 AD, some restoration, found by archaeologist Gillispie.

428. Prehistoric Anasazi pitcher, Soccoro black on white pitcher, Grants NM area, 1150 AD, some restoration, found by archaeologist Gillispie.

429. 1900's Iroquois beaded pin cushion.

430. 1900's Iroquois beaded pin cushion.

431. Native American ceremonial beaded belt.

432. Native American ceremonial beaded belt.

433. Early 20th century Acoma Olla. Signed W. Aragon

433A. Showing signature.

434. 1900 Acoma Olla. Signed E & M Sarrachino.

434A. Showing signature.

435. Contemporary Navajo Olla depicting deer. Signed Arthur & Hilda Coriz.

435A. Showing signature.

436. Mid 20th century Hopi pot. Signed E. Namoki

436A. Showing signature.

437. Mid 20th century Hopi pot. Signed Elva Mansfield.

437A. Showing signature.

438. Circa 1900 Hopi unsigned shallow bowl. 7.5"Dia.

438A. Showing bottom.

439. Rare mid 20th century Hopi drinking vessel. Signed Anita Polacca.

439A. Showing signature.

440. Mid 20th century Hopi shallow bowl. 9"Dia. Signed Garnet Pavatea.

440A. Showing signature.

441. Mid 20th century Hopi pot. Signed Mark Tahbo.

441A. Showing signature.

442. Native American effigy skulls and claws necklace, not put together.


444. Black painted work side table with a treen knob and turned and banded legs. 24"L x 17"D x 28"H.

445. Red over blue painted crock bench with scrub top, square nails, half round end aprons and a 17" one board top. 3'L x 17"W x 15"H.

446. Painted doll crib with hard rubber and wire spoke wheels. 29"L x 16"D x 20"H.

447. Pine farm table with block and turn legs, pegged and square nailed and a three board plank top. 7' 10"L x 32"W x 32"H.

448. Mixed wood farm table with a two board top and turned legs. 6'L x 33"W x 30.75"H. 

449. Late 1800's spindle back arm chairs with scrolled crest rail, finials, and plank bottom seats. Showing 2 of 4.

450. Showing 2 of 4.

451. Red painted spindle back high chair with lift tray.

452. Bannister back youth arm high chair.

453. Plank bottom chair with cutout heart crest.

454. Scrolled crest chair with upholstered seat.

455. Sheraton style upholstered channel back chair.

456. Cast iron toy roadster.

457. Factory Drake mallard working decoy.

458. Folk Art hollow body decoy.

459. Folk Art hollow body canvasback decoy.

460. Early primitive architect's compass tool. 19"H.

461. Holtzman's butter pretz-sticks tin. 10"Dia x 1'H.

462. Early 1900's Johnson-Layne Log Cabin Coffee brand general store coffee bin. 24"L x 18"D x 25"H.

463. 19th century Oolong general store tea tin with hinged lid.

464. 19th century Turn Wright's Toffee tin.

465. Montgomery Ward & Co. fresh roasted coffee cardboard container.

466. 19th century general store tea tin with hinged lid.

467. 19th century John Sexton Wholesale Teas, Coffees, and Spices tin.

468. 19th century Blanke's Tea and Coffee Co. tin.

469. 19th century Rosmarinus apothecary tin. 

470. 19th century Crescent - Tom Thumb cracker tin.

471. 19th century Strictly Pure cinnamon spice tin.

472. 1879 blue and white alphabet and numbers sampler. 16"L x 21"H.

473. Red painted with black stenciling A. T. Ferrell & Co single sided wooden sign. 34"L x 11.5"H. 

474. Folk Art oil on cardboard depicting farm scene. 22" square.

475. Homemade gameboard. 25.5" square

476. Homemade gameboard. 23.5"L x 27"H.

477. Homemade robins egg blue and barn red painted gameboard. Made out of shipping crates. 22.5" square. 


479. High back wall box with two drawers. 14.5"L x 3"D x 10"H.

480.  Firkin with lap bands, button hole swing handle and 5 LBS Net stamping. 9.5"Dia x 12"H. 

481. 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair reverse painting on glass souveneir. 5.5"L x 4.5"H.

482. Wall clock with heavy inlay and decorative supports. Key and pendelum intact. 16"L x 27"H. 

483. Brass kettle with gooseneck spout, applied brass handle and tri leg base. 9.5"H. 

484. Brass kettle with filigreed design, gooseneck spout and scrolled handle - applied with brass studs but missing wood covered handle. 10.5"H.

485. Brass ewer with metal bands and a brass handle. 13"H.

486. Solid brass wok bowl with double brass handles.

487. Rand McNally mid century globe on decoratinve stand. 15"Dia x 14"H.

488. Homemade red over white potting stand. 48"L x 20"W x 18"H.

489. Oak apothecary scale with three pans and three weights. Missing balance arm. 10.5"L x 4.5"D x 11"H.

489A. Showing open with pan and weights.

490. Treenware mortar with original green grey paint and no pestle. 7"Dia x 9.5"H.

491. Treenware apothecary jars with painted medicinal identification labels. 8"H.

492. Wrought iron tri leg electrified floor lamp.


494.Tin candlelabra.

495. Electrified hooded tin light.

496. Electrified tin light.

497. Electrified tin light.

498. Punched tin, six light electrified chandelier.

499. 20th century wrought iron plate rack.

500. 20th century dish holder.


502. Illinois stoneware bowl. 7"Dia x 4"H.

503. Yellowware bowl. 9"Dia x 4.5"H.

504. Yellowware mold depicting cluster of grapes. 

505. Yellowware bowl. 9"Dia x 4"H.

506. Saltglaze three gallon crock jug with cobalt decoration. 14"H.

507. Saltglaze crock jug with turkey dropping. 12"H.

508. Saltglaze crock jug with multiple turkey droppings. 11.5"H.

509. White stoneware crock jug with ES & B stamped on bottom. 11"H.

510. Saltglaze crock jug with multiple turkey droppings. 10"H.

511. Saltglaze ovoid jug with cobalt decorated design. 14"H.

512. Saltglaze 2 gallon crock jug with cobalt decoration, incised band and double molded raised band. 15.5"H.

513. 2 Gallon saltglaze storage crock with cobalt decoration, applied handles and incised band. 10.5"Dia x 11"H.

514. 2 Gallon saltglaze storage crock with bee sting cobalt decoration. 9.5"Dia x 10"H 

515. Ovoid jug with unusual brown glaze. 10"H.

516. Stoneware open mouth storage crock with red glazed interior. Two 2" very tight cracks. 7"Dia x 8"H

517. Stoneware open mouth storage crock. 7"H.

518. Stoneware canning crock with molded rim, incised band and cobalt decorated flower and 1/2 G. 8.5"H.

519. Redware pitcher with pie crust rim and two incided bands. 10.5"H.

520.  Redware pitcher with four hand painted white bands and black glazed throat. 9"H.

521. Black glazed stoneware storage crock. 10"H x 5"Dia (T) 6"Dia (B).

522. Saltglaze canning jar with cobalt decorated flower. 8"H.

523. South Carolina crock pitcher with tobacco glaze. 13"H.


525. Southern crock jug with finger handle. 14"H.

526. Stoneware crock lamp in working condition.

527. Whiskey jug crock lamp in working condition. 

528. Whiskey jug crock lamp in working condition.

529. Porcelain apothecary jar with paper label. 11"H.

530. Porcelain apothecary jar with paper label. 11"H.

531. 19th century apothecary glass jar with stopper. 11.5"H 

532. 19th century apothecary glass jar with stopper. 11.5"H.

533. 19th century apothecary jar.

534. 19th century apothecary jar with paper label.

535. 19th century apothecary jar with paper label.

536. 19th century apothecary jar.

537. 19th century apothecary jar.

538. 19th century apothecary jar.

539. 19th century apothecary jar with paper label.

540. 19th century apothecary jar.

541. 19th century apothecary jar with paper label.

542. 19th century apple bushel basket.

543. 20th century egg basket.

544. 19th century gathering basket.

545. 19th century gathering with hand hold.

546. 19th century melon basket. 

547. 19th century feather basket missing lid. 

548. 19th century buttocks basket.

549. 19th century gathering basket. 

550. 19th century laundry basket.

551. 19th century laundry basket with wooden rim and hand holds.

552. 20th century wicker floral basket. 

553. 19th century storage basket.

554. 20th century wicker and galvanized floral basket.

555. 19th century gathering basket. 

556. 19th century gathering basket.

557. 19th century gathering basket.

558. 19th century gathering basket.

559. 19th century buttocks basket with God's eye. 

560. 19th century berry basket.

561. 19th century gathering basket.

562. 19th century buttocks basket with God's eye.

563. 20th century basket.

564. 19th century double swing handle gathering basket. 

565. 19th century wren basket with God's eye.

566. 20th century diminutive melon basket with God's eye.

567. 19th century gathering basket.

568. 19th century half melon wall basket with twig handle.

569. 19th century gathering basket.

570. 19th century mall buttocks basket with God's eye.

571. 20th century double handled and lidded storage basket

572. 20th century diminutive melon basket with God's eye.

573. 19th century melon basket. 

574. 20th century flower basket.

575. 19th century buttocks basket with  God's eye. 

576. 19th century wall basket.

577. 20th century double swing handle gathering basket.

578. 19th century laundry basket.

579. 19th century elongated buttocks basket with God's eye.

580. 19th century cone shaped floral wall basket.

581. Cheese box with contemporary painted top.



584. Mahogany veneered glazefront secretary with original pulls depicting American eagle and 13 stars, early dovetailing, drop front, replaced leather, pull out arms for drop front, single bow front drawer, three flat faced drawers, square nails, working key and scrolled top with finial adornments. A very fine example of early American furniture. Condition is excellent. 43.5"L x 19.5"D x 84"H.

584A. Showing open




588. 19th century wooden tote. 16"L x 13.5"W x 8.5"H